Iot and Emerging Technologies

We have groomed a cross-functional multidisciplinary team comprising of strategists, designers, and developers to help our clients explore the capabilities and possibility with emerging technologies. Our futuristic mindset of rapid prototyping combines with user research and ongoing iteration to achieve breakthrough results in short engagements. We help IoT hardware and device manufacturers to build compelling mobile app integration.
Values Delivering through IoT

Make a Difference with Smart IoT-Enabled Apps and Softwares

The Internet of Things unveils a whole new level of simplifying routines for ease and speeding up businesses processes. IoT enables more control while reducing human-related errors. IoT opens up doors to collect all the relevant information and adopt proactive strategies.

Our Engagement Models​

Hire experienced, well-groomed developers from our capable, disciplined team. We have expert project analyst, managers, full-stake developers, and QA team at your disposal. They bring velocity and value to our clients. To meet your requirements, we deploy several models and invite you to select the best suitable for your project.

Dedicated Team

We have a well-experienced team of developers for all platforms. Pick up an individual developer or build-up a team for your specific project along with project managers.

Time & Material

A best-fit model when your requirements are variable. Just hire one or more players and only pay for the time you employ the resources.

Fixed Cost

A classic approach to developing your applications. If you have projects with specific and well-defined requirements, go for it. We'll take care of execution and deliveries.

Reimagine New world Experience with IoT Solutions,

Our internet world is being reinvented. What our parents in 60’s dreamed about like smart homes, flying cars, healthcare of the future, is now becoming a reality.

We help start-ups, entrepreneurs, and business enterprises to shape their concepts, ideas into real solutions.

Being a competent IoT solution provider, we help our clients to develop and deploy smart IoT solutions. Empowering them to address their business needs effectively.

We are thrilled to be a team who put hardware and software conundrums together for the ultimate end functional solution.

Safely outsource your projects and expect absolute best from Bit01,

What Makes Us Different?

Here’s why we pride ourself for developing and delivering IT solutions to companies, brands, and individuals with a wide variety of products, services and industry segment,


We transform your ideas into meaningful applications.
Let us hear your idea, we ensure – together we can develop something great.