How to Calculate the Estimate Budget for Flutter App Development?

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Most businesses and brands across the globe are opting for cross-platform app development over native app development. The reason behind this paradigm shift in mindset is that cross-platform app development is a budget-friendly option and saves valuable time as well.

The main reason why native apps were popular for so many years is due to their superior performance. However, the novel cross-platform app development frameworks have empowered developers to craft intuitive cross-platform applications. One such cross-platform app development framework is Flutter.

Flutter is an open-source mobile app SDK launched by Google back in 2017. An expert Flutter developer can build top-notch cross-platform apps by using Flutter’s plethora of features.

The Flutter development environment offers splendid widgets and robust tools to a Flutter development company for creating a remarkable app, both in terms of design and performance.

Whether you are looking for building a mobile app for Android or iOS, hiring a Flutter developer is a wise choice.

Major Benefits of Flutter mobile development:

  • Reduce code writing time
  • Reduce time-to-market
  • Developer friendly programming language
  • Build faster high-performance apps
  • The Hot reload option allows a Flutter developer to view updates in real-time
  • Numerous design and editing tools
  • Fantastic collection of beautiful widgets
  • Best suited for developing MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
  • Android and iOS apps can be built simultaneously

Cost of Flutter app development for your business:

As you must have made up your mind to invest in Flutter app development by knowing its significant benefits, you must be looking for an estimate to build a cross-platform app using Flutter. The following factors determine the fundamental cost of Flutter app development:

1) UI/UX design

The mobile app design creates that first and long-lasting impression on the minds of users. UI refers to the user interface, and UX refers to the user experience. A simple and user-friendly design would require less time on the part of a Flutter development company, hence costing less. 

On the contrary, an intricate and complex design would increase the number of hours needed, thus increasing the overall cost of Flutter mobile development.

2) Complexity of the app

The mobile app’s complexity to be created has a direct influence on the Flutter app development project. The mobile app to be developed is categorized as low complexity, medium complexity, and high complexity. 

Highly complex apps require more skills and coding from the Flutter developer, which directly affects pricing.

Segregation of an app into the three categories is done based on:

  • Built-in features of the device being used
  • Third-party integration
  • Architectural model
  • Admin panel development
  • Integration with an enterprise system

3) Application category

The app category directly impacts Flutter mobile development costs. The number of features, as well as functionality, varies from one app category to another. A food ordering app would have several functions that let the users track their orders, view their previous orders, chat, and call through the app. On the other hand, a tax calculator app would only have a handful of basic features. Thus, the former would cost more than the latter.

4) Location of the Flutter developer

The location of the Flutter developer hired by you determines the cost of the Flutter app development project. The cost of Flutter mobile development in India would be comparatively less expensive compared to the USA or other European countries. A Flutter developer charges the price according to the standard market rates of a particular location.

5) Hardware connections

The essential cost of Flutter app development increases with the number of hardware that needs to be used. The higher the number of hardware that needs to be connected to the app, the greater will be the cost of Flutter mobile development.

6) Publishing the app on App Stores

Once the Flutter development company has completed creating the app, it is time for its deployment. There are two leading platforms where a mobile app can be launched – Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

App store fees

  • Google Play Store has a one-time fee of $25.
  • Apple App Store has a cost of $99 per year.

In addition to this, there is a percentage component for every subscription. Both Google Play Store and Apple App Store charge 30% for every in-app purchase made or subscriptions made for less than a year. At present, they charge only 15% for subscriptions made for at least a year or more.

If you want precise cost for Flutter app development for your project, contact the leading Flutter development company, Bit01.