Why Laravel is Considered Best Framework for PHP in 2019?

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The best and most acclaimed language for website development is PHP, and the most used framework is Laravel. In any project development, choosing the right framework is the most crucial part; you must focus on efficiency and quality. In order to attract more traffic, a website needs to have an attractive design that includes smooth navigation.

Moreover, a website created through Laravel development services offers a great number of customizations and options to make a better webpage. Here is everything you must know about Laravel:

About Laravel

The best alternative to any other framework, Laravel is an open-source platform to develop websites on PHP. The framework is created and managed by Taylor Otwell. There are multiple things like bundles, migrations, database support, a command-line interface, etc. that are responsible for its increased popularity. These features were added in version 3 of the framework. Laravel’s version 7 released last year in September.

Opt For Laravel: Key Features

It’s must to understand what this framework has to offer before starting to work on it. There are some very practical benefits which you can get by hiring a Laravel developer

  • Object-oriented

The plus point, this framework has to offer, is the architecture pattern of controlling along with model and viewing. Laravel also has some libraries installed and features like monitoring active visitors, encryption, password resetting, etc. are made available.

  • Support for MVC

Like Symfony, Laravel also supports the PHP framework where MVC architecture is supported. This addition helps in maintaining a high-level accuracy between logic and presentation.

  • Security

Hiring a Laravel development company is the best route to build a secure website. The database never saves any password in the original format. All the passwords are hashed and can’t be traced. The framework makes use of SQL statements that completely puts the check on any attacks.

  • Command-line Interface

Laravel calls it Artisan. The purpose of this interface is to efficiently manage the migration within the database, package belongings, etc. The interface also generates and seeds codes that are used for migration. A Laravel developer has the option to also add commands to the PHP framework.

  • Scheduling a Task

It works as an added element to the Artisan to enhance the functionality. The feature was added in v5.0. The working of the Scheduler is simple, as it sends Cron Daemon a signal to run Artisan to perform the job. Artisan, in return, executes the set task.

  • Supports MFS

MFS, abbreviated form of multiple file system lets the developer create an API for cloud, as well as local storage. Users will be able to seamlessly navigate through multiple options because the interface will be exactly the same. You can hire dedicated Laravel developers to build a website for your business.

  • Tutoring

No one can make the claim that they know everything. No matter how experienced and professional a developer is, there are times when he needs some tutorials. Laravel framework is the platform that provides tutorials to the developers within its interface. The service is called Laracasts.

  • Testing

The interface also allows a testing platform that is capable of detecting errors and glitches. These tests can also be done through the command-line utility. This tool is very helpful in resolving any issue before publishing it on the web.


Some official packages come with Laravel website development and used for better functioning of the website. These include the following:

  • Ninja Media Script

This tool lets you build a website that is based on media sharing. The tool enables you to share any media format, even the latest one like GIFs. Developers can choose among various layouts that are offered by this package. 

  • Schoex

If you are running coaching classes or even school, this tool is made just for you. There are multiple options like monitoring attendance, homework, report cards, etc. that are available through Laravel development. Students, teachers, and management can log in from their accounts in order to access what they need to. Moreover, users are also able to add videos and pictures of the events along with scheduling new events.

  • Vanguard

Vanguard is one of the most important packages used by many Laravel app development services that enable the authentication feature. Google Captcha can also be added to add an extra element of security and keep the bots away. The sign in can be done by any social media accounts and users can also reset their passwords.

  • BeDrive

This tool lets you make a website that will work like Google Drive or Dropbox. The framework will do everything on its own and there is absolutely no coding needed. It will take way less time and will provide you with your very own file-sharing website. 

You can also add subscription systems in order to provide users with more storage or sharing options. Laravel App Development Company is using these tools a lot to add multiple functionalities to the websites.


The increasing popularity of the Laravel framework is highly based on the list of features it has to provide. As you saw in the aforementioned packages, the platform is much more diverse, and there are multiple uses. PHP is a widely accepted language that is used in order to create interactive websites. These websites are also very light and work even on low RAM devices. Moreover, you can hire a Laravel developer to start working on the website now.